Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Self-directed learning (SDL) and the adult learner: Week 1 forum discussion reminds me that I want to be a “Facilitator” in student’s learning journey.  An active link between the student and the information they are receiving. I am reminded that if I expect my students to become “Self- directed Learners” I need to provide them with ample opportunities.  I will need to… Continue reading Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

My Teaching Reflections Blog

                                     “Tree of Life” (Animal Kingdom, Disney World, 2015) Welcome to my Blog! Come join me on my next exciting journey! As part of my learning for the Provincial Instructors Diploma course ( Vancouver Career College), I will be writing in this blog to reflect my understanding of adult learning and education with a focus in the field of human and social development – as… Continue reading My Teaching Reflections Blog