My Teaching Reflections Blog

                                     “Tree of Life” (Animal Kingdom, Disney World, 2015)

Welcome to my Blog!

Come join me on my next exciting journey! As part of my learning for the Provincial Instructors Diploma course ( Vancouver Career College), I will be writing in this blog to reflect my understanding of adult learning and education with a focus in the field of human and social development – as that is where the majority of my prior work experience lies.

My goal is to share with my readers my new found knowledge and understanding of how to become a more effective, innovative and respected  teacher.  I appreciate any insight people want to provide.

Although it may not be quite as exciting as my family’s recent trip to Walt Disney World  (where the photo above was taken) where I had a chance to enjoy Disney’s version of  the “Tree of Life” ( said to be the “iconic centerpiece” and “symbol” of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park), I hope to make this site a reflection of me and my own little “icon” of my learning through this course.

teacher books chalkboard



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