Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Self-directed learning (SDL) and the adult learner:

Week 1 forum discussion reminds me that I want to be a “Facilitator” in student’s learning journey.  An active link between the student and the information they are receiving. I am reminded that if I expect my students to become “Self- directed Learners” I need to provide them with ample opportunities.  I will need to ensure I am providing plenty of scenario’s for students to peer teach and present to one another what they have learned. When reflecting back to my own learning in college I remember that the times I presented to my classmates I felt more engaged and genuinely interested in the material.  Those are the memories that stuck with me all these years.
Students who are comfortable doing “teach-backs” or  “mini-lessons” to their peers appear more confident to instructors and show an understanding of the material being taught to them. Students have a chance to demonstrate newly acquired skills in a safe, fostering and supportive environment. Thus, increasing self-confidence, recall skills, resourcefulness and critical thinking skills. All of which are essential for adult learning.
Below is a link to an interesting site that discusses SDL in length.  The article does a good job (I think) of explaining  the meaning of SDL, it’s effectiveness and successful.  The following quote is taken from the website and helped me understand what SDL means to me “Teachers scaffold learning by making learning ‘visible.’ They model learning strategies and work with students so that they develop the ability to use them on their own (Bolhuis, 1996; Corno, 1992; Leal, 1993).”


Self-Directed Learning, Retrieved at, October 12th, 2015.


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