Student Engagement Technique- “Team Concept Maps”

I think that one of the most important as well as challenging parts of becoming an effective instructor is knowing your audience.  And being able to capture all styles of learners attention.

Since most of us are already aware how crucial it is to capture our learners attention right of the bat ( within the first few minutes of an activity) and keep them engaged ( “active participants” in the learning process ) one of my favorite ways to do this is through group work!

However, as I have seen in my own classroom experiences as well as from the research I did when creating my Digital Assignment on “Team Concept Maps” was that not all learners are “… as strong of visual learners as others. I would be sensitive and aware of this throughout the activity. It’s also good to keep in mind that not all groups are comfortable sharing and or comparing their thoughts with the rest of the class. As with any other activity that bridges small group work into larger group sharing or comparing  activities –  I would keep in mind that not all participants will provide as much content or discussion during these types of activities as they might normally do through individual written assignments or projects. I would then gauge my marking accordingly.

If interested in learning more about my chosen topic on Student Engagement Technique(SET) known as “Team Concept Maps” see the following link to my digital assignment


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