Has Effective Teaching changed much since the 50s?

The following link was added by Doug Mauger ( PIDP 3250 course Instructor) this week’s during my week to lead the discussion forum on classroom management. https://youtu.be/RQZcXCDr4Wc

I think the clip clearly reflects that some things never change…for instance, the way to win your class over is to show your students respect, courtesy and kindness. In my opinion, there is no room in a classroom for negativism, belittling or negative re-enforcement.

It brings to light the difference of how a respectful, engaged teacher can change the atmosphere of the whole class. As the narrator of the video highlighted…a “friendly attitude with a sprinkling of humour can go along way…”

Watch the short film and decide for yourself…has effective teaching strategies changed that much since the 50’s?



50’s Teaching Education Film on Classroom Management, Maintaining Classroom Discipline, McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc. retrieved on November 17, 2015 at https://youtu.be/RQZcXCDr4Wc

Vancouver Career College, Provincial Instructor Diploma Program 3250 Course Discussion Forum retrieved November 17, 2015 at http://moodle.vcc.ca/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=144084


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