Thoughts on Effective Classroom Managent

“Classroom management strategies are a crucial part of teacher’s success in creating a safe and effective learning environment for student’s quality education (Osakwe, 2014).

It is my experience that teachers who create a respectful, reciprocal learning environment where learners are  encouraged to speak their minds and share their thoughts openly ( using good communication skills) are overall more successful in reaching their short term educational goals and continue on to become life-long learners. Therefore, my ideal of a well managed classroom may not look the same as some of the more traditional teachers who might ask their students to hold their thoughts and opinions during the class and to express their minds only through formal Q. and A. sessions or when topic specific assignments are handed out.  I believe that through regular discussion and dialogue with a class of learners it provides a richer learning experience for all.  In addition to this, learners are able to practice important transferrable skills such as listening to others, responding appropriately and critical thinking skills so that when they are out in the ‘real world’ they have more confidence and enhanced language and thinking skills. Would you agree? What is your idea of an ‘effectively’ managed classroom and why?


JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL AND INSTRUCTIONAL STUDIES IN THE WORLD August 2015, Volume: 5 Issue: 3 Article: 01 ISSN: 2146-7463, retrieved November 15, 2015 at


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