Technology…a Blessing or a Curse?

My youngest daughter has now entered the world of technology and has been asking for a IPhone for the past couple of years so that she can stay in touch with her friends who are in middle school. I have been holding off on getting her one for two reasons 1) the added cost ( IPhone’s are not cheap!) and 2) fear that my daughter will become less engaged with face to face conversations and daily activities that do not involve an app or texting. On one hand I feel sad that children these days are constantly on their technical devices and may be missing out on allot of the important childhood experiences such as playing outside, playing board games that make you think and work as teams etc. however, on the flip side my daughter has shown me how useful the internet is for helping her learn a second language,  assist with homework questions, stay in touch with family and friends who do not live nearby us. And of course, I am living proof that technology can assist with education as  I took the last 2 years of my degree online through UVic (without having to relocate to the Island)  and am now completing my PIDP mostly online. And of course, I work 100% virtually in my job which has allowed me to live in the smaller less expensive area I want to with my family for the past few years and still have many of the same opportunities as I would in a larger centre.

I would have to say in my personal opinion technology is both a curse and a blessing. One thing is for certain, it is not going away and the sooner we all embrace it the better of we will be in both our personal and professional lives.

I say find a balance that works for you….never forget the importance of being with people and unplugged at times however, remember that technology can advance us in our work and help us to connect to individuals, opportunities, places and programs that we may not have had the chance to be connected to without it!


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