Where I Am Professionally and Where I Would Like to Be in Five Years….

One of the competencies that are measured within my work environment is how committed employees are to continuous learning? When recently asked what I have you done to further my own professional development in the last 3 years – fortunately, I was quickly able to respond with a full list of both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ opportunities that I have been able to participate in-  both within my current work site and on my own (outside of the workplace).

While reflecting back on the past several years,  I would have to say that I have done probably a fair bit more than the average person does in terms of professional development.  Part of this is due to my early college years as once I was able to select my own educational path (based on my personality and own interests) I soon discovered I am a natural learner and leader and genuinely enjoy ongoing learning and development.

Learning and teaching others seems to be the one  constant for me and keeps me most engaged in my work and continues to keep me excited.  I enjoy knowing that I have set pre-defined goals for myself – that I am able to continue to work on these goals while also setting future goals in learning and development. Since steadily working through the Provincial Instructors Diploma (PIDP) from Vancouver Career College (VCC),  I have not only been supported by my work colleagues but also by close friends and family who know my goals and can see that I am gaining valuable training and skills as a result of participating in the program. I feel it is preparing me for the next stage in my career – which makes me excited.

Now that I am completing my final required course and will soon begin focusing on my Capstone Project  – I am definitely seeing how my courses, experiences and knowledge has all complimented one another.  For instance, I have recently been selected to be a part of the Facilitator’s Inventory offered through the Learning and Development Branch of my Ministry and as such have been recognized and asked to prepare and present on one of the topic’s that I learned in the PIDP.  As a follow up when I participated in another training session  ( offered by the same branch) I was thanked by the facilitator’s for both my ‘insight’ and ‘tips’ on the subject matter.

I have also recently applied and was successful in being an internal trainer for my work stream and this has allowed me to participate in some further opportunities a where I am responsible for setting up, orientating and training new and returning workers which I enjoy as it is a nice change from the day to day work tasks and gives me a new insight on my role and the guidelines and process’s with which I work each day.

As mentioned above I certainly have committed to ongoing professional development and a commitment to learning. I feel that as a result of my own learning and experiences in adult learning and development thus far, it is my time to assist others to begin to get enthusiastic about setting new learning goals related to ongoing professional development in the workplace.

In short, I may not know exactly where I will end up in my career or what position I will end up in however, what I do know is that being a trainer/facilitator and/or learning support person for co-workers and leaders is definitely an area I am enjoying and would like to continue to explore in the next 5 years.




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