Teaching for the Love of it!

” We want to spend our life helping others experience the pleasure we experienced as students as we became more knowledgeable and skilled in the discipline we find so fascinating”( Brookfield, 2015)

What seems like a lifetime ago now – when I was still a young adult and still trying to decide on a career path, I remember my Mother ‘s words… ” Do what you love, and the money will follow!”

To this day – I believe she was right.  At a fairly young age I found myself married and with my first child.  Shortly thereafter,  I  realized how much I enjoyed interacting with my child, learning about her developmental stages and watching her learn new things.

After my maternity leave from work had ended I quickly decided to stay and work from home. I immediately took some formal training and was supported to open my own home based business – a much daycare centre in my hometown.  From there it didn’t take long for my business to grow and in what seemed like a very short time I was the owner/operator of a fully licensed well known home daycare.

I had a full clientele each day and was even approached by some parents to add their children to my waitlist while they were still in utero!  My daughter and I both thrived for years from the business and the experience it gave us. When it came time for her to attend  school and for me to move on in my career ventures I realized that I really enjoyed working with ‘people’ and so chose to work on a diploma in the field of human and social development field and starting attending a nearby local college. My passion and suitability for the field were re-affirmed by both my instructors ( i.e. through their comments and my grades) as well as by my practicum supervisors who offered to hire me even before my practicums were completed. It was not long after this that I was working full time in the field and loving my work. I have since completed a bachelors degree and have been asked to teach others over the years (both formally and informally). Finally, to add one more challenge ( which I have also enjoyed)  – a Provincial Instructors Diploma so that I can officially teach what I love.

Choosing what I was ‘passionate’ about in life for my career path was one of the most important decisions I feel I ever made. I would certainly not say the choice has made me financially rich however, I feel I have always had enough to help support myself and my family but the best part about my choice if that I have been rich in the sense that I have been engaged in the work and it has feed my own intellectual needs – which in my opinion is ‘priceless’.

Looking back today, I see the truth in my Mothers words and that if one chooses to follow their heart and what they are passionate about they will become successful – or at  the very least enjoy what they do and that if truly a gift.



Brookfield, S.D., (2015). The Skillful Teacher, On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the    Classroom. (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.






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