PIDP Reflections…

Looking back upon reflection of my journey in the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program offered by Vancouver Career College, I would have to say that as a result of participating in each of the courses I have grown not only as an instructor, but also as a person. In 2013 when I took my first course in the program – which was PIDP 3100 Foundations of Adult Education ( in-class), I knew immediately that I was in the right place. I was thrilled to be in a classroom setting with like-minded individuals discussing the very topic of teaching!

Since then I have completed the following courses in the PIDP courses 1.) Delivery of Instruction, 2.) Curriculum Development, 3.) Instructional Strategies, 4.) Evaluation Techniques, 5.) Media Enhanced Learning ( by PLAR) and 6.) Professional Practice ( in-progress).  Each course has been a building block of knowledge for me. For instance, I now know that in order to be an effective instructor –  I need to first be able to know what my expectations are for learners. I must clearly set out my objectives and inform learners what I will and will not expect from them. I also need to know how to request feedback on my work as an instructor. I will need to also let learners know that I am open to feedback from them on ways I can enhance both my teaching style and curriculum planning and delivery. I have also learned a great deal about to create and apply an effective rubric in order to substantiate where learners have and/or have not yet met these expectations.

I would say that since I consider myself an introvert I have always thrived off of presenting and speaking in front of a group of individuals so this was not as much of an area for me to develop I would say more of sharpening my skills. However, I did find that both curriculum development and evaluating did not come quite as easily ( naturally) and as such I did have to work a bit harder on those area(s) throughout the program. One area I know I did learn and grow from was the realization that not all learners may enjoy group work/projects as much as others. I did do some reflecting on this in at least 2 or more courses as it was a big aha moment for me. I now see that there are many ways that an individual learns and process information and that not all learners enjoy speaking up, group discussions and the like. There were many great readings, u-tube video’s and online forum discussions throughout the program that helped to re-enforce this for me.

I am proud of my accomplishments thus far, and look forward to taking the next step – completing my Capstone Project and then seeing where this journey takes me!










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