“Who I am and Why I am here” ( Autobiograghy)

Tree of life

“Who am I ?” or more directly…”Who is Lisa-Marie?

I see myself as a mother, wife and a professional who works hard each day to be the best in each of my valued roles. At home my passions are travel, gardening, cooking.

As a professional I am a passionate employee, mentor, peer coach/trainer.  I may question ( at times) where I am going in my career feel I am still developing a final end goal for myself.  I am confident that after 10 plus years of higher education and over 16 years in the field of human and social development I am prepared for my next step is in my career path – continued journey in the field of teaching, education and adult learning.

“Why am I here?” more importantly why am I working towards completing the a diploma in adult education?

My answer….
•I have known for the past decade that I enjoy teaching and am passionate about life-long adult learning
• I enjoy staying current in my field and enhancing my teaching skills
•My passion lies in teaching others and I am not be 100% satisfied in my work until I am either formally or informally teaching others (I.e. coach/trainer/educator and/or facilitator).

I will continue to ask myself as I move along my career path.  I do not feel I am done evolving professionally,  am confident and drawn to the field of learning and adult education. My current work and higher education path is an important step towards reaching my personal goal of becoming the most effective, innovative and respected teacher I know I can be.



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