“Preparing Curriculum for Learners who are Introverts”

“Well-designed small group learning experiences draw on the skills of all group members rather than creating situations where the most extroverted and gregarious students control the learning.” (Monahan, 2013, para. 6) Prior to taking the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma program particularly, the Instructional Strategies course ( PIDP 3250) I admit I had not put enough time and and/or much thought into how… Continue reading “Preparing Curriculum for Learners who are Introverts”

Has Effective Teaching changed much since the 50s?

The following link was added by Doug Mauger ( PIDP 3250 course Instructor) this week’s during my week to lead the discussion forum on classroom management. https://youtu.be/RQZcXCDr4Wc I think the clip clearly reflects that some things never change…for instance, the way to win your class over is to show your students respect, courtesy and kindness. In my opinion, there… Continue reading Has Effective Teaching changed much since the 50s?

Thoughts on Effective Classroom Managent

“Classroom management strategies are a crucial part of teacher’s success in creating a safe and effective learning environment for student’s quality education (Osakwe, 2014). It is my experience that teachers who create a respectful, reciprocal learning environment where learners are  encouraged to speak their minds and share their thoughts openly ( using good communication skills) are overall more successful in reaching their short term… Continue reading Thoughts on Effective Classroom Managent

Student Engagement Technique- “Team Concept Maps”

I think that one of the most important as well as challenging parts of becoming an effective instructor is knowing your audience.  And being able to capture all styles of learners attention. Since most of us are already aware how crucial it is to capture our learners attention right of the bat ( within the first few minutes of an activity) and keep… Continue reading Student Engagement Technique- “Team Concept Maps”

Open- ended vs. Closed Questions

I  feel that asking questions it is an extremely important part of being an effective Instructor/Facilitator. Particularly, the right questions. In the human and social development field, the right questions are almost always “open ended”, “thoughtful”, “non-judgemental” and/or “non-leading”. It is important for the Facilitator to be a good listener and to encourage learners to consider all… Continue reading Open- ended vs. Closed Questions